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Bell Run Rescue is a 501(c)(3) non-profit dedicated to the rescue, retraining, and rehoming of off-track thoroughbreds. Our facility is on 40 beautiful acres in Christiana, PA where we also provide care for homeless dogs and cats.
Candice M. Smith


Candice M. Smith

After riding and training racehorses for nearly 25 years, Candice has extensive experience with the thrills and heartbreak of the equine sport.

Because of her passion for thoroughbred racehorses, she formed Bell Run Rescue and decided to join a program to give these retired or injured athletes a second chance. 

Since 2014, Candice has successfully placed 28 horses into second careers. Her unique background brings thoughtful insight to Bell Run as a 501(c)(3) non-profit rescue operation and to the animal adoptive community in general.

success stories

Meet the Bell Run Rescue horses and owners whose lives have been changed through adoption.

  • Magic


    Magic (formerly named Pop Pop's Boy) found his home with the Witt family, capturing their hearts with his enchanting presence. Their two special needs boys, upon meeting Magic for the first time, lit up with pure joy and ran to hug his neck.

    Now, the gentle spirit of this horse brings joy into the fabric of his adoptive family's life. Magic has seamlessly transitioned from the track to a new role, providing comfort and happiness in his newfound home.
  • Stella


    Ruff Neck Stella came to Bell Run Rescue having been proclaimed the ugliest two-year-old ever. After one and one-half years of patient grooming and exercise plus a lot of good hay and grain, she blossomed into a beautiful mare. Sweet and kind, she and her new owner both enjoy daily trail rides.
  • Stan


    Stan came to Bell Run Rescue because of a knee injury suffered during his racing career. With stall rest followed by slow and steady rehab, he became sound enough for slower paced trail riding only. His adopter came to Pennsylvania from New Hampshire and immediately fell in love with him. Now with an understanding new owner, he enjoys trail-rides on the beach that are easy on his knees.


We take the adoption of our horses seriously, and we pride ourselves in being able to match the right horse, rider and home.

Horse and rider


The first step in the process is to begin the adoption paperwork. The application covers details about where you will stable the horse, contact information for a personal reference, and details about your riding discipline.

We use the application on the Turning for Home website. There you can download and submit the application.

Please note that applications are required to be completed prior to scheduling a visit. If you need help with the adoption paperwork, please contact us for assistance.
Horse and rider


The first step in planning your visit is deciding what you want to get out of your time at Bell Run Rescue.

We do our best to accommodate your requests, and we can walk through them when you call to schedule a visit.

For example, most visitors see the horse ridden by one of our riders, and others decide to bring a vet.

Together, we can figure out how to make sure your visit is thorough enough that you feel comfortable leaving with the horse that day.

Contact us to schedule your visit.

Call: 610-608-4460
Email: [email protected]
Horse in field


Our horses frequently have interest from multiple parties. As a result, there is no guarantee that the horse you are interested in will not be adopted quickly and remain available.

Our extensive experience training racehorses and working with off-track thoroughbreds gives us unique insight on matching the right horse, the right rider and the right home. We want our horses to have a happy life
post-racing as much as we want to make sure you get the right horse for your riding discipline.

Adoption can happen when you visit, so bring your trailer! Please call us for more details or if you have questions about adopting one of our horses.

Call: 610-608-4460


Help us provide renewed purpose for retired thoroughbred race horses.
Bell Run Rescue is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization dependent upon the donations of many supporters to maintain its facilities and care for the rescued animals it takes in for retraining and rehoming.

To support Bell Run Rescue, mail a check to 494 Bell Road, Christiana, PA 17509. If you prefer to give online, you may do so here.

Frequently asked questions

I have a question about one of your horses I saw on Facebook.

We are happy to help answer your questions.

Give us a call or email so we can provide more information for you about the horse or a horse we'd recommend.

Call: 610-608-4460

Email: [email protected]

Where do you get your horses?

The horses are called off-track thoroughbreds (OTTBs), and we get them mostly from Parx Race Track — a local Pennsylvania race track with well-conditioned horses.

Is it OK to visit more than one time?

Yes, of course. The bottom-line is that when a horse is adopted, we don't want it to come back. We feel a responsibility to make sure the horse and rider are a good fit and that the horse is going to a comfortable, welcoming home.